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Business Case: Siemens

Unlocking Sales Growth: Lead Generation Success for Siemens and its APAC partners in 17 countries.

Learn more about one of the most impactful growth partnerships at Alpha Digital. 

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Company Profile

Siemens is a global powerhouse in advanced technologies and systems, with a rich history spanning over 170 years. As one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens has established itself as a trusted brand name across various industries. Operating in more than 200 countries, Siemens combines its expertise in electrification, automation, and digitalization to provide innovative solutions that drive sustainable development and enhance quality of life. With a commitment to creating long-term value for its customers and society as a whole, Siemens continues to shape the future of industries such as energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

The Challenge

With the rapid digital transformation and the proliferation of online platforms, the B2B landscape has undergone a significant shift in recent years. In the APAC region, this trend has been particularly pronounced, requiring businesses to navigate new channels and strategies to successfully generate leads and engage potential clients. Siemens, a revered global leader in technology and innovation, found its APAC partners facing a crucial challenge: a lack of know-how in effectively acquiring new clients online, identifying target markets, and securing meaningful meetings. Recognizing the immense potential in leveraging digital tools, Siemens aimed to empower its partner network with the necessary expertise to embrace the digital transformation, tap into new opportunities, and realize substantial growth in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

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The Sales Acceleration Strategy 

Through the implementation of these solutions, Siemens and its partners successfully navigated the digital shift in the B2B landscape, effectively leveraging the limitless opportunities available in the APAC region.
Business Case: Siemens

Implementation & Results

Siemens and its partners experienced remarkable growth and success through their partnership with Alpha Digital. In just 12 months, they achieved a significant 42% increase in deal size and a remarkable 9X boost in the number of deals across 17 countries with over 50 partners. This outcome showcases the power of strategic collaboration, innovative lead generation strategies, and optimized sales performance. The partnership successfully harnessed the untapped potential of the APAC market, elevating business opportunities and solidifying Siemens’ position as a leader in the industry.

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