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Sales Acceleration

Done for you custom, scalable, and high value sales pipelines to gain 3X more new clients in new markets. Without running ads, hiring a sales team and without a single cold call.


How Alpha Digital works

1. Open your Alpha Digital account

Register your account on the Alpha Digital platform within seconds, and book in the first meeting with your dedicated campaign partner for your strategy session.

2. Start your Sales Acceleration campaign

Start your custom designed campaigns and adopt the most in-demand modern selling skills, through the advanced Sales Acceleration training program.

3. Enjoy the results and close your new deals

Enjoy the results of your campaign immediately by increasing your outbound activity. Start scheduling meetings with new clients to close 3x more deals consistently.  

Transform, accelerate & scale your sales

Alpha Digital is a comprehensive and fully integrated sales acceleration service, that helps multi-national companies, and emerging businesses close more deals consistently, without spending more on ads or hiring additional staff.

Transform: On-demand sales program

Generate 3X more new clients, through empowering your workforce with the most in-demand modern selling skills in a result-driven transformation program.

Accelerate: Sales Acceleration Platform

Helping you to gain unlimited new clients in new markets, all in one scalable and automated sales engagement platform.

Scale: Personal coaching & optimization

Ensure continued successful implementation and save time on digital transformation by leveraging our team of modern selling experts.

On-demand modern selling program

Developed with multi-national companies, for you to close 3X more deals 


We developed our self-paced & on-demand modern selling program with busy schedules in mind.


Developed with multiple MNC’s resulting in 3X more deals across various industries and markets.


Finally, you solve accountability and save time through transparent performance reporting.  

Sales Acceleration Platform

Fully managed for you and scalable sales engagement platform to implement your custom outbound sales strategy.

Personal coaching & optimization

Fix accountability and ensure a future-proof sales team

Scale your results

We developed a state-of-the-art coaching program to help you optimize your sales acceleration results. 

Transparent reporting

Includes detailed team and individuals’ performance reporting, to be used as optimization navigation. 

Solve accountability

Finally, you solve accountability through detailed analytics and personal & team coaching.

Examples of our work

Our partner in growth, Siemens, is transforming its sales processes and implementing the newest tools and strategies around it. Besides being a strategic advisor on this program, Alpha Digital is also a proud training partner and provides all the tools needed to grow in one easy-to-use growth platform, generating consistent leads and new meetings in over 16 countries and counting.  

We’ve partnered with Ui Path as a key digital talent and training partner. We’ve delivered training and talent for innovation, agile, growth, B2B and digital capabilities. Ui Path continues to grow their sales pipelines in a consistent manner, due to the new growth strategies and the growth platform provided by Alpha Digital. 

Adobe needed to shift the mindset around sales and technology, break silos and empower their sales team to be more digital driven. Together we co-created a custom lead generation program that sets the meetings and brings in the opportunities for Adobe its salesforce to continuously grow their business. 

Used by leading companies to grow & scale

Multinational companies are using Alpha Digital globally to accelerate their sales and stay ahead of their competition.  

Results you can expect working with us

It’s time to reinvent personal sales and cold acquisition for the digital age. Benefit from the most-effective tools and skills to gain new clients and ignite modern selling in your organization.


Outbound Activity


More Deals


Million Prospects


Larger Deal Size

Alpha Digital is a global growth partner for organizations & professionals – specialized in Business Development, Innovation and Customer Experience. We empower our partners to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital capabilities through our result-driven Sales Acceleration as a Service.

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