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Driving Exponential Growth: Transforming Allianz’s Sales Performance in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Learn more about one of the most impactful growth partnerships at Alpha Digital. 

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Company Profile

Allianz is a trusted global insurance and financial services company, renowned for its comprehensive offerings in Singapore and Hong Kong. With a strong customer-centric approach, Allianz provides reliable insurance solutions tailored to individual and business needs. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability, Allianz ensures seamless experiences for its customers, while building long-lasting relationships based on integrity and professionalism.

The Challenge

Launching a highly intricate trade credit insurance product presented Allianz with a multifaceted challenge. Firstly, they needed to define a precise value proposition that would resonate with their target audience and effectively differentiate them from competitors. Secondly, reaching C-suite executives in a crowded market necessitated a strategic approach to capture their attention and convey the product’s unique benefits. Lastly, with the business landscape rapidly shifting towards digital channels, Allianz required a robust framework to set new online meetings and maximize the efficiency of their sales process.

Value Proposition 

C-suite Targeting 

Digital Meeting Setting

The Sales Acceleration Strategy 

Through the implementation of these solutions, Allianz leveraged Alpha Digital’s expertise to overcome their challenges in launching a complex trade credit insurance product.
Business Case: Allianz

Implementation & Results

Through a strategic collaboration with Alpha Digital, Allianz successfully implemented a comprehensive process to address their challenges in launching a complex trade credit insurance product. This involved finding unlimited C-suite clients, automating custom campaigns, generating qualified meetings, setting new meetings consistently, optimizing sales performance, and utilizing a dedicated campaign manager.

The implemented solutions yielded remarkable results for Allianz. They achieved an impressive 75% increase in the generation of meetings, effectively connecting with influential decision-makers in the APAC region. Additionally, the company experienced a substantial 4X increase in closed deals across two countries and with ten key accounts, indicating the effectiveness of their targeted strategies.

By leveraging Alpha Digital’s expertise, Allianz navigated the complexity of their offering, effectively communicated their unique value proposition, and successfully engaged with the C-suite audience. The implementation of automated, customized campaigns enabled Allianz to reach their target audience with precision, resulting in a consistent flow of qualified meetings and a significant boost in sales performance.

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