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Build a digitally capable workforce

We design highly customized team training programs for companies. Integrated growth solutions that equip your teams with the digital capabilities and growth tools they need to adapt, perform, and succeed in today’s market.

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Custom team training programs for companies focused on the world’s most in-demand digital skills and tools.

Modern organizations face skills gaps and complex digital challenges that cannot be solved by generic solutions. That is why we co-create upskilling programs designed around your specific business goals to enhance digital skills for employees.

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Mindset & Mental Models

Growth Mindset

Outside-in Mindset

Self-Learning Mindset

Data-Driven Mindset

Experiment Mindset

Productivity Mindset 

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Service Design 

Customer Research 

User Experience Design 

Omni-channel Strategy

Behavioral Science 

Communication & Copywriting

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Growth & Innovation

Rapid Experimentation

Digital Channels 

Change Management 

Agile & DevOps Methodology

Digital Marketing

Business Modelling 


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Data & Analytics

Data Visualization

Data Storytelling

Data Analytics

Machine Learning

Data Project Management

Stakeholder Management

Data Strategies  

To grow, you need to transform. The question is, how?

As a forward-thinking leader, you understand that transformation is fundamentally about people, technology, and about unlocking more customer-centric behaviours across your organisation.

That is why you are asking questions like, “How can we improve customer success and build deeper customer relationships?”, “How can we provide our employees and leaders with opportunities to grow and do their best work? And “How can we implement outbound/inbound funnels to drive measurable results in the business”

You appreciate that for your business to adopt new technologies, harness the power of data to discover new revenue streams, improve customer experiences and accelerate growth and innovation – you need to start by transforming the pillar at the centre of it all, your workforce.

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Of CEOs believe their company is facing disruptive change driven by digital technologies.

Robert Walters Salary Survey, 2021

Of CEOs say their organization does not have the skills to adapt to the digital revolution in the market.

McKinsey & Company Human Resources, 2021

Of employees report that they currently do not have the skills needed to increase productivity in their job.

Setting L&D Up for Success, Gartner 2021

The components of our Capabilities Academies

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Interactive Classroom Sessions

Our team training program for companies are designed as macro-learning experiences to significantly enhance digital skills for employees.

Hosted and facilitated by expert’ trainers, these upskilling programs ignite collaboration and critical discussion around real business challenges and work towards implementing cutting-edge growth solutions.

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Personalized Coaching

In our sales team training we ensure every individual in your team gets the contextual guidance they need to overcome their unique challenges.

The sales team training provides additional structure, guidance, and support for your workforce, but they also add an extra layer of accountability – ensuring no one gets left behind as your business transforms and performs in the digital age.

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On-Demand Learning

Self-paced and highly flexible on-demand learning content allows your teams to deep-dive into the topics and tools that matter most to their development in the team training program.

These upskilling programs are highly scalable and can be customised based on the agreed learning objectives.

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Workshops & Power Sessions

Our workshops and power sessions aim to challenge assumptions and inspire stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

These talks are great for setting the foundations of change in your organizations and introducing teams to key concepts and mindsets to enhance digital skills for employees.

We accelerate your transformation through learning & tools

Learning is a journey, not a destination. That is why we believe in the importance of businesses finding a growth partner, not a training supplier.

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Professional Specialists 

Specialized in the most cutting-edge digital capabilities

We work with experts and industry leaders in the team training program, to ensure our learning content is focused on the cutting-edge digital skills and tools that organizations need to enhance digital skills for employees. And with full-time practitioners, our curriculums get updated monthly, not yearly!

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Strategic Alliances 

High-impact partnerships

We exist as a growth partner, not a training supplier. We want to deeply understand your business context and goals to co-create upskilling programs that generate continuous and sustainable results – both for your people and your business on the both the short and the long-term.

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Transformation Through People 

A positive force of culture and mindset change

Transforming your workforce is more than just hard-skills acquisition to enhance digital skills for employees. It is also about embracing and adopting a mindset for growth and innovation, as well as fostering a culture that allows this to flourish.

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A Fun Journey

Highly engaging and enjoyable learning experiences

The growth experience is at the heart of everything we do. We know that to create change and drive results across your organisation, our upskilling programs need to be memorable, enjoyable, and impactful.

Just ask our clients!

We partner with organizations to enable them to address the most pressing digital challenges and ignite digital transformation.

Our partner is growth, Siemens, is transforming their B2B practice and implementing the newest tools and strategies around this. Besides being a strategic advisor on this program, Alpha Digital is also a proud training partner and provides all the tools needed to grow in one easy-to-use growth platform.

We’ve partnered with Ui Path as a key digital talent and training partner. We’ve delivered training and talent for innovation, agile, growth, B2B and digital capabilities. Ui Path continues to grow their business development practices due to implementing new growth strategies and the growth platform provided by Alpha Digital. 

Adobe needed to shift the mindset around B2B growth marketing, break silos and empower their teams to be more autonomous. Together we co-created a custom growth and innovation program that will embed the growth mindset and process within the culture of the organization towards B2B growth.

Would you like a more in-depth conversation about how we can help you grow? 

Alpha Digital is a global growth partner for organizations & professionals – specialized in Business Development, Innovation and Customer Experience. We empower our partners to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital capabilities through our result-driven Sales Acceleration as a Service.

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