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We accelerate corporate growth, while executing innovation consulting faster and more effectively

We have helped over 100 client-first organizations through innovation consulting in fast-changing markets, acquire the skills they needed to rapidly accelerate corporate growth and fuel sustainability.

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Helping our partners learn & grow

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Accelerate Growth & Innovation

In dynamic digital markets, growth is hard 

To succeed with your innovation strategy today, you need to adapt and innovate faster than ever.

You have probably heard the success stories behind companies like Alibaba, Airbnb, Google, and Netflix.

You might be thinking that the success is due to the fact these are youthful tech companies.

But did you know they have something else in common? Something that can be replicated and scaled in any business and in any industry… A culture of experimentation, an obsession for customers and a mindset for growth.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

In today’s world, rapid growth and successful innovation means rapid experimentation.

Businesses that create a healthy culture of experimentation grow at least eight times faster than global GDP.

Source: Forrester Report, Insights driven business

What is innovation consulting?

 We set the standard on innovation consulting in APAC. We have helped more than 1,100 individuals from over 100 different companies to accelerate corporate growth, embrace agile working, and adopt a winning growth mindset. You might consider Alpha Digital if you are looking to:

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Growth Acceleration

Build a workforce capable of driving growth

Innovation consultants excel in helping organisations acquire the skills and capabilities they need to accelerate corporate growth and fast-track innovation. We are experts in corporate innovation, helping teams master processes for rapid experimentation, lean innovation, and agile ways of working.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Growth Empowerment

Foster a culture & mindset of growth

Our programs with innovation consultants are designed to ensure your teams gain the tenacity and confidence they need to fail fast, seek out new avenues for growth, and to develop a mindset for ongoing optimisation.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

A Fun Journey

Deliver high-impact, hands-on learning experiences

Our corporate innovation programs are designed with a focus on “learning by doing” and innovation strategy. Your teams will be working on real-life business problems and challenges from within your organization. This is to ensure that they have both a thorough understanding of the learning material, and relevant hands-on experience through innovation consulting to book measurable results.

With empowerment programs designed to accelerate corporate growth and always customized to your needs.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Customer-Centricity through Experimentation

In just three days your team will learn the core principles of innovation consulting. The program dives into the processes, frameworks and mental models used by today’s fastest growing companies. We accelerate growth while executing innovation faster and more effectively.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Rapid Experimentation Coaching

We will be coaching your team on the experimentation frameworks used by today’s most successful companies. This strategy will enable your team setup and manage a scalable process for rapid experimentation and sustainable business growth by adopting the right tools.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Workshops & Power Sessions

Ignite your team with an engaging, fast paced presentation or workshop. Our innovation consultants will inspire your team with cutting-edge innovation principles and leave them with a new mental and technical toolkit to tackle business challenges from a new perspective.

We help your teams ignite innovation by transforming the way they work and the way they think.

We help your teams ignite innovation and growth by transforming the way they work and the way they think. Our holistic approach empowers your teams to:

  • Embrace the growth mindset.
  • Acquire T-Shaped skill sets.
  • Implement & manage processes.
  • Get started with tools & tactics.
Accelerate Growth & Innovation

01. Embrace the Growth Mindset

The foundation of any meaningful change stems from the mindset and culture embraced by your teams as innovation consultants. That is why our approach to building capabilities has a focus on establishing a mindset and culture that values learning, experimentation, data, and continuous progress as an innovation strategy.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

02. Acquire T-Shaped skill sets

Our capability programs are designed to broaden the width of knowledge across your teams and innovation consulting. This helps to empower cross-functional collaboration, ignite creativity, and increase the speed and effectiveness of experimentation and innovation.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

03 Implement & manage processes

Our innovation consultants help your team acquire expertise in cutting-edge processes, tools & frameworks to implement and manage a scalable & repeatable process of rapid experimentation and fast-track innovation.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

04 Get started with tools & tactics

The final stage of our approach looks to embed best practices and help your teams formulate strategies and start designing, running & analyzing growth experiments focused on the metrics that matter most to your business.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Just ask our clients!

We partner with organizations to enable them to address the most pressing digital challenges and ignite digital transformation.

Our partner is growth, Siemens, is transforming their B2B practice and implementing the newest tools and strategies around this. Besides being a strategic advisor on this program, Alpha Digital is also a proud training partner and provides all the tools needed to grow in one easy-to-use growth platform.

We’ve partnered with Ui Path as a key digital talent and training partner. We’ve delivered training and talent for innovation, agile, growth, B2B and digital capabilities. Ui Path continues to grow their business development practices due to implementing new growth strategies and the growth platform provided by Alpha Digital. 

Adobe needed to shift the mindset around B2B growth marketing, break silos and empower their teams to be more autonomous. Together we co-created a custom growth and innovation program that will embed the growth mindset and process within the culture of the organization towards B2B growth.

The components of our Capabilities Academies

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Our team training program for companies are designed as macro-learning experiences to significantly enhance digital skills for employees.

Hosted and facilitated by expert’ trainers, these upskilling programs ignite collaboration and critical discussion around real business challenges and work towards implementing cutting-edge growth solutions.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Personalized Coaching

In our sales team training we ensure every individual in your team gets the contextual guidance they need to overcome their unique challenges.

The sales team training provides additional structure, guidance, and support for your workforce, but they also add an extra layer of accountability – ensuring no one gets left behind as your business transforms and performs in the digital age.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

On-Demand Learning

Self-paced and highly flexible on-demand learning content allows your teams to deep-dive into the topics and tools that matter most to their development in the team training program.

These upskilling programs are highly scalable and can be customised based on the agreed learning objectives.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Workshops & Power Sessions

Our workshops and power sessions aim to challenge assumptions and inspire stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

These talks are great for setting the foundations of change in your organizations and introducing teams to key concepts and mindsets to enhance digital skills for employees.

Would you like a more in-depth conversation about how we can help you grow? 

Alpha Digital is a global growth partner for organizations & professionals – specialized in Business Development, Innovation and Customer Experience. We empower our partners to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital capabilities through our result-driven Sales Acceleration as a Service.

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