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Your predictable & high-value B2B sales pipelines within 3 to 6 months

Done-for-you Done-for-you
Fully Integrated Fully Integrated

Implement one of the most effective growth strategies in marketing, business development & sales. We create predictable & high-value B2B sales pipelines within 3 to 6 months. Without cold calling, without extra marketing budget & without additional headcount. 

Strategic Growth Partnership

Helping our partners grow

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Strategic Growth Partnership

Why become a strategic B2B partner?

Become a strategic partner and implement the growth strategies and tools that help you and your company grow faster in today’s market. Utilize techniques like automation, personalised marketing and prospecting at scale that allow you to get results with your marketing campaigns faster.

This partnership will allow you to get ahead of your competition, providing you an all-in solution for all the growth hacking tools, techniques, strategies, and frameworks, you need to implement the essentials for B2B lead generation.

Who is a perfect fit for this partnership?

You are a slightly more seasoned professional in commerce, and you see the world around you is changing digitally. You want to convert the new opportunities of the digital age into business results for your organization. You realize that digital steps must be taken in the commercial process, but you do not yet know how. Time, knowledge, tools, and skills hold you back to grow.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Marketing / Sales Mangers

To implement technical & full-funnel commercial growth.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Sales Representatives

For scalable and repeatable methods of sales.

Strategic Growth Partnership


Looking for cost-effective ways to scale-up fast.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Business Developers

To accelerate growth and acquire new logos in markets. 

McKinsey and Company 2021 predicts ‘Digital Sales Rep’ and ‘Digital Sales Manager’ will be the top two emerging job roles in business.


B2B Organizations

Expect digital sales to become the most common role in the organization.



Business that creates an environment for digital sales.


Digital Sales Rep

Top emerging job roles of tomorrow in Business Development.



Of Digital Sales & Business Development positions in 2021

Through this partnership you will:

Strategic Growth Partnership

Acquire new logos in new markets

Implement innovative & cost-effective ways to accelerate the adoption, use and retention of your products and services. Become a B2B growth master in new markets through our lean, agile, data-driven platform and growth marketing tools.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Generate more sales qualified leads

Fundamentally change the way you generate leads for your salesforce. Turn any market opportunity into a scalable and value driven outbound approach that will get you 10X more sales qualified leads on average.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales

Implement the tools and tactics that the world’s fastest growing B2B companies have already adopted through our growth platform. Allow your marketing and sales teams to seamlessly work together in driving bottom-line business growth through sales. 

Strategic Growth Partnership

Save valuable time in the process

Make use of successful strategies and content from over 125.000 A/B tested LinkedIn campaigns. Implement and tailor successful blueprints towards your business goals and save up to 6 hours a day generating 10X sales qualified leads.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Implement scalable and repeatable methods of sales

Utilize Alpha Digital its growth platform and dashboard to its fullest potential. We create rapid go-to-market campaigns to deliver best in class customer value and experience, while consistent and sustainable pipeline in the new digital world.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Save your budget on lead generation

Implement tested growth strategies needed to identify, engage & convert new clients for your organization to grow, while saving budget and time on lead generation. 

Would you like a more detailed breakdown on the Strategic B2B Partnership?

What is B2B Lead Generation?

We set the standard on strategic B2B lead generation. We have helped more than 600 individuals from over 100 different companies to accelerate business growth, building a qualified pipeline in the “new normal”, and adopt a winning growth strategy. You might consider Alpha Digital if you are looking for:

Strategic Growth Partnership

Strategic Planning

Grow your business in new markets

Our growth consultants excel in helping organizations identify the opportunities they have, to accelerate growth and fast-track business transformation. We are experts in corporate business development, helping teams master processes for rapid go-to-market strategies, strategic prospecting, and B2B demand generation.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Expert Lead Generation

Implement proven B2B growth strategies

Our partnership with you is based on years of professional specialist experience within the B2B space. Based on over 150.000 B2B growth campaigns, you will be saving time and budget on lead generation while growing your business in new markets.

Alpha Digital

High-impact Relationships

Generate bottom-line results & leverage high-quality relationships  

Our corporate partnerships are designed with a focus on creating “high-impact meaningful relationships”. Your teams will be provided with the best-in-class growth experience – attracting, engaging & converting your dream clients in the “new normal” while delivering client value along every step down the line.   

The components of our Partnerships

Strategic Growth Partnership

Interactive Strategic Sessions

Our partnerships are set up to identify and capture the best opportunities within the B2B space – from market research down to engaging with your prospects.

Hosted and facilitated by our growth experts, these strategic sessions ignite collaboration and critical discussion around your business challenges and the work towards implementing cutting-edge growth solutions.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Demand Generation

Our lead generation partnerships ensure every individual involved gets the leads and connections needed to consistently drive bottom-line results in your organization.

The outbound demand generation from Alpha Digital provides you with a consistent flow of qualified B2B leads. Through a highly personalized and targeted approach, you will not only capitalize on the digital transformation opportunities in B2B today, but long after.

Strategic Growth Partnership

Expert Content Creation

Based on 150.000+ strategically designed and A/B tested outbound campaigns. Our team of specialized expert content writers will help you to identify your unique value proposition.

This value proposition will be transformed into an outbound approach to attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers in the markets you want to grow your business – sending them directly into your pipeline.  

Strategic Growth Partnership

Qualified Sales Pipeline

Through this done-for-you solution, we empower you to enable sales in a digital environment. We implement the fundamentals of digital sales: a combination of value marketing, sales optimization, and tooling & automation.

You will be provided with your own Alpha Digital dashboard to manage your leads, contacts, and appointments all in one place – saving you time while you can focus on closing your deals.  

Are you ready to make it happen?

Book in some time with one of our growth consultants to learn more about the benefits of the partnership.

Strategic B2B Partnership

What’s included:

  • Strategy: a B2B strategy that works in the “new normal” for your business to grow.
  • Prospecting: highly targeted prospects, qualified based on your needs and “ideal customer profile”.
  • Content: strategic A/B tested content that converts. 
  • Pipeline: a cloud-based growth platform to manage your leads all-in-one. 
  • Coaching: continuous collaboration & coaching sessions to optimize impact and conversions.  
  • Time: saving you up to 6 hours a day while generating 10x more leads.

Perfect for:

Those ambitious organizations and professionals looking to implement the fundamentals of growth in an accelerated, time saving, but high-impact format.

Learn more about what we have to offer and find out if we are a good fit to partner in growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like a more detailed breakdown on the Strategic B2B Partnership?

Just ask our clients!

We partner with organizations to enable them to address the most pressing digital challenges and ignite digital transformation.

Our partner in growth, Siemens, is transforming their B2B practice and implementing the newest tools and strategies around this. Besides being a strategic advisor on this program, Alpha Digital is also a proud training partner and provides all the tools needed to grow in one easy-to-use growth platform.

We’ve partnered with Ui Path as a key digital talent and training partner. We’ve delivered training and talent for innovation, agile, growth, B2B and digital capabilities. Ui Path continues to grow their business development practices due to implementing new growth strategies and the growth platform provided by Alpha Digital. 

Adobe needed to shift the mindset around B2B growth marketing, break silos and empower their teams to be more autonomous. Together we co-created a custom growth and innovation program that will embed the growth mindset and process within the culture of the organization towards B2B growth.

Alpha Digital is a global growth partner for organizations & professionals – specialized in Business Development, Innovation and Customer Experience. We empower our partners to accelerate growth by acquiring the most in-demand digital capabilities through our result-driven Sales Acceleration as a Service.

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